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The Future is Here

The Future is Here

Drone delivering a package

As I spend my Sunday afternoon flying my FPV drone (FPV – First Person View), I am completely amazed at what you can get for under $200! You can build a racing drone, with camera and transmitter, arm it with a GPS, and send it on a mission!

The courier, messenger, and delivery service industry will soon be competing with this type of technology, which will most certainly lower costs of business, and allow more efficient delivery methods.

Until then, we still have humans on bikes, motorcycles, cars, and foot that will bring the sellers product to their customer’s door. RouteTrackDeliver.com simplifies the process for recurring or subscription type deliveries.

Using modern GPS technology, coupled with their smart phone, RTD can create and update routes, manage delivery schedules, and even track and report on the driver’s location and chain of custody for any package.

More and more companies are using specialized Delivery ERP software to manage their businesses delivery services. Automation of routing, drivers, billing, and payroll have become fast and easy, by leveraging the best technology that 2019 has to offer.