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RouteTrackDeliver.com, LLC.

Certified Reseller Program

Let’s Work Together

There are several ways for us to work together.  Let’s explore.

Certified RouteTrackDeliver.com Reseller

Our Certified Reseller program allows you to resell RouteTrackDeliver.com to your friends and business contacts. You will share in the recurring monthly revenue*.

Qualified resellers include: Pharmacies, Dispensaries. Manufacturers, Industry Aggregators, and Software Developers. A Retail Establishment cannot be a reseller.

Level 1 Reseller

Level 1 is for resellers with 0-25 Installations
Monthly Revenue Share: 20% of license fees, recurring monthly. 

Level 2 Reseller

Level 2 is for resellers with 25+ installations
Monthly Revenue Share: 30% of license fees, recurring monthly.

RTD Certified Integrator Program

RTD Certified Integrators are also Level 1 resellers, and has API access and support for integrating deliveries into other, external software programs. Certified Integrators have demonstrated to us their working programs using our API.

Certified Delivery Service Provider

Your company can provide delivery services for your customers using the RouteTrackDeliver software. Each customer of yours that would like to use the Client Portal for real-time tracking, and/or use API services, must be a licensee.

Become RTD Certified 

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