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Case Study


MI Courier Services, Inc.

MI Courier Services, Inc., a Boynton Beach, FL company, owned by Julius Gotay, specializes in delivery of pharmaceuticals from pharmacy to patients, labs, hospitals, and wellness facilities. They normally do recurring deliveries, but they also handle on-demand requests.

They must have daily routes and schedules for the drivers. They needed to bill the pharmacies for the work, and they also needed to pay the drivers.

These tasks were taking up to 8 hours per day as combined time from management personnel. They were doing everything manually, because the right software did not exist for their business.

MI Courier services has been using RouteTrackDeliver for over 10 years!

Driver Technologies

RTD works on all mobile devices. Drivers use the app for routing, tracking, and electronic signature. Save Time, Fuel, and Money by following efficient routes.

Electronic Signature

Like all professional courier and delivery companies, electronic signature is the standard acceptance.

Chain of Custody

Packages can be tracked from pickup, to warehouse (if necesary), to delivery.

Online Portal

Customers can visually track packages in our online portal, which uses Google Maps.