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Developer’s Corner

Our Easy-to-Use Developer’s API

With the abundance of Point of Sale systems flooding the market, we make it easy to add deliveries and pickups to the sales process using our API.

Customer APIs

Our Customer API provides you the ability to Insert, Edit, and Delete Customer’s shipping information.

Customer Add

You already have all of the customer information at time of sale, so simply pass the customer data to our API to create a new customer. We will return their RTDCustomerID upon a successful save of the record, or return a zero if it fails, along with the reason why.

Customer Edit

Upon completion of the sale, if it is a repeat customer, you can save any address or contact changes by passing in the RTDCustomerID along with the updated information. Check for a return value of zero along with the reason why if there is an issue.

Customer Delete

You can delete a customer as long as there are no previous delivery records for that customer in the system.  Simply pass the RTDCustomerID to the API, and it will return a value of zero along with the reason why if it fails.

Download our Sample Code

Click here to download our sample forms and code to see the API in action. 

Download RTD_API_Samples.zip

Managing Pickups and Deliveries

The second part of the Point of Sale transaction is setting the actual delivery, now that the system knows the customer delivery information.

Delivery Scheduling

We require 3 pieces of information to create a delivery action: Customer, Pickup From (address), and the Deliver To (address)


A delivery can be either a single transaction, or a recurring transaction. Simply pass the RTDCustomerID and the scheduling information and it automatically will be added to the dashboard.


Pass the RTDScheduleID and the edited schedule information to change the schedule for single or recurring deliveries.


A single or recurring schedule can be deleted by passing the RTDScheduleID as the sole parameter.

Download Samples

Download our Samples so you can see the RTDSchedules APIs in action.

Download RTD_Schedule_Samples.zip

Become a RTD Certified Integrator

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