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RTD Certified Delivery Partners

Looking for a reliable delivery company to partner with?

Keep your eye on your core business, and let our Delivery Partners run the delivery service. Full API integration into your Point of Sale (POS) System.

MI Courier Services, Inc.

MI Courier Services, Inc. is a Certified RouteTrackDeliver.com partner. In fact, they are the folks that we originally created this software for! MI Courier Services has been in business since 2010, delivering medicine and medical supplies to pharmacies and labs. They now also deliver for the CBD/Cannabis industry as well, working with dispensaries, doctors, pharmacies, wellness centers, and sports medicine centers. 

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Become a Certified Delivery Service

Our certification program requires 1 month usage of the RTD software, and to pass a test on the use of the software for administrators, drivers, and customers.  You must be able to schedule a pickup, delivery, schedule a driver, setup a recurring delivery, and use the customer portal.

Become an RTD Certified Delivery Service

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