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Keep your business’ efficiency high by planning and scheduling your courier routes days and weeks in advance.


Track your pickups and deliveries in Real-Time. Integrated and powered with Google Maps Technology.


Get and Send custom notifications when packages are picked up and delivered to their destination.

For Safety – Delivery Services Keeps Your Patients Safe!

Your Patients’ Continued Access to Medication is Most Important!

We all know that people are stressed over fears of not just the Coronavirus, but the economic and accessibility problems caused by a deadly, invisible virus. Easy access to medicine should not be something that patients should worry about.

Delivery requests are increasing exponentially!  Our online and mobile solution was created specifically for courier and delivery companies that SPECIALIZE in Medical and Pharmaceutical industry specifications.

Let Your Staff Deliver!

Your people want to see the business do well. They WANT to work, and letting them deliver critical medicines to patients is a great way to keep up morale with your employees.

Up and Running Same Day

Sign up today, start sending out drivers TOMORROW! We will train you and make sure everything is fast and easy for you and your drivers.

Deliveries Will Be a Requirement

Unfortunately, people will not be coming in to your store for the next few months. Minimize the losses by offering deliveries!

RTD is great at setting up and managing recurring deliveries!

Use a Certified RTD Delivery Partner

Don’t want to manage the deliveries?

We can assist in connecting you with one of our certified delivery partners, that uses our software, and you can send your deliveries to them as needed through our system.

Route, Track, Deliver

The Most Efficient and Complete Delivery and Courier Management Platform in the Industry

Route Track Deliver provides a fully integrated courier platform for managing packages, clients, couriers, messengers, and administrators for your courier delivery business. Start using Route, Track, Deliver in minutes! Manage clients, contacts, teams, schedules, pickups, deliveries, tasks, accounting and more!


RTD Major Features

Developed for the Medical, Health, and Wellness Industries.  Secure delivery management.

Administrative Dashbaord

Easy to understand business metrics are a critical component of any business. View all your courier and delivery metrics in a single, easy to understand dashboard.

Client Portal

Add value by keeping your clients informed. Track deliveries in real-time. Review scheduled pickups and deliveries. Edit Account Information. View Statements and Reports.

Schedule Deliveries and Drivers

Enter your deliveries for your customers, then assign delivery times and drivers. Easy to use, 3 clicks to schedule a delivery.

Point of Sale Integration

We work with eCommerce systems such as WooCommerce, and we also have an easy to use API to incorporate deliveries into your existing checkout process.

Billing Module for Courier Companies

Billing becomes “quick and easy”. See all invoices and make adjustments before they are sent. RTD interfaces with QuickBooks to streamline the process and save you time!

Secure Data

We use the proper encryption and SSL for data transfer, and we adhere to technology best practices to keep your data safe.

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MI Courier Services, Inc.

RouteTrackDeliver.com was created specifically for MI Courier in 2014.

MI Courier Services, Inc., a Boynton Beach, FL company, owned by Julius Gotay, specializes in delivery of pharmaceuticals from pharmacy to patient. They normally do recurring deliveries, so they must have daily routes and schedules for the drivers. They needed to bill the pharmacies for the work, and they also needed to pay the drivers. These tasks were taking up to 8 hours per day as combined time from management personnel. They were doing everything manually, because the right software did not exist for their business.

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Driver Technologies

RTD works on all mobile devices. Drivers use the app for routing, tracking, and electronic signature. Save Time, Fuel, and Money by following efficient routes.

Electronic Signature

Like all professional courier and delivery companies, electronic signature is the standard acceptance.

Chain of Custody 

Packages can be tracked from pickup, to warehouse (if necesary), to delivery. 

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Online Portal

Customers can visually track packages in our online portal, which uses Google Maps.

A few things we’re great at

Like the name says, we’re great at Routing, Tracking, and Delivering…but there’s more to RTD! It is easy to use and built to get you through your day with more organization and productivity.


Setting up a delivery schedule for a customer couldn’t be easier. There are mulitple billing models to use, fixed prices, mileage rates, and differnent mileage calculation options.

Driver Tracking – REAL-TIME

Our mobile app for drivers provide them routing, electronic signature capabilities for delivery, and also provides the home office with location information for tracking.

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Easy to Use!

We built this application for ease of use and speed of execution. Only 4 clicks to setup a pickup!

Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

The Route Track Deliver software system has saved us over 25 hours per week in scheduling, routing, and bookkeeping tasks. The Customer Portal has increased customer satisfaction. 

Julius Gotay, President

MI Courier Services, Inc.

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Affordable and Easy to Use

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